The Internet And Its Impact


I mostly use the internet for entertainment and research. In the entertainment side, besides Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is one of my favorite sites and the one I visit the most on a daily basis. I just love the crazy, creative channels you can find there, from sketches to gaming, from vlogs to education, there’s something for everyone; and for some people, it may even be inspirational. For instance, I myself enjoy creating content and sharing it to people for the means of entertainment. So login in, not only for the entertainment, but also the education and inspiration it provides (on a personal level), really is a need for me.

The impact that the internet has on me has been super great. Sure there’s always a bad side for everything, but I’ll get into that in a minute. So first off, for me personally, the internet has provided me with plenty of tools and knowledge that I’ve added into my skill set (for instance, videomaking). What I mean is, it’s basically my easy-access, personal teacher. Which is super great and useful, not just for me, but for everyone else in the world too! So much knowledge in the palm of your hand! Use it!– So yeah, it has been great for me, personally. Everything I’ve created, everything that has put me into where I am now, what I’ve learned and still learning, it has been thanks to the internet; and I’m very grateful.

[Image: “internet” by Elyse Jones. Liscence CC]

So on to the bad stuff about the internet…. honestly, the only thing that I can think of is that it can distract me….. a lot.– I’m going to be honest. here, almost every time I need to do some work, the voices of the social media Gods speak upon me, teasing me with their Facebook Harambe memes and YouTube cat videos. “Just one more video” I always say, next thing you know, it’s 1am and I found myself reading some creepy pastas.– So yeah, I think that’s the only bad thing for me.

Now for the last question, would I go back to the past and live without internet?


Why?– Well for starters I’m already used to the internet and have adapted with the ability to just search anything I want in an instant (still appreciate it and grateful). It would be difficult for me to adapt to an internet-free world.  Now I don’t want to sound like a spoiled drama-queen, but it’s true! Plus, most of the activities I enjoy and my main hobby involves some sort of use of the internet. I don’t see myself getting used to a world like that, it would be quite horrific if that what we mainly depended on, just vanished.


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